Kaliya Sahni

Book Three

Release Date: January 19, 2021
Timeline Date: May 4, 2019

My life is out of control.

Raphael is now my lover, Mygi is trying everything they can to kill me to get him back, and I’m still a ruler of a dying people with enemies lurking in every shadow.

And for all of that, I only have a single lead that could unravel the mysteries of Raphael’s past. His mysteries, which are also the secrets of Mygi, a company very much willing to kill to keep those secrets.

All I can do is focus on one problem at a time, follow the threads, and connect the dots. I need to take the fight to them and I won’t be stopped. The threads are coming together, the pieces are falling into place. For him, I’m going to expose them as the monsters they are. I’m going to bring every secret into the light. For him, I’ll do anything, even though he doesn’t know what he really is to me.

I’m Kaliya Sahni, a Tribunal Executioner, a ruler of the nagas, and the secret mate of Raphael Alvarez.And I kill monsters.

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