- Species: Vampire
- Organizations: Jacob’s Nest
- Titles: Master Jacob
- Status: Deceased
- Gender: Male
- Family: Alexius
- Job: Master of his nest
- First Appearance: Servant of the Blood
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Jacob was the golden boy, the beautiful soul, the man who gave hope in the darkest times.
Which is what made his suicide so terribly tragic.
It's not a rare occurrence for the oldest of vampires to put themselves in the sun and go peacefully. Jacob was over 2600 years old.

Fun Facts And Quotes


Born in Ancient Greece, Jacob had no idea what a vampire was (and most vampires didn't know either). He was human when he met his first vampire, the dark predator, Alexius(who, at the time, had no name). Their history in those early years is complex and personal, only truly understood by the two of them. What will always be true is that Alexius loved Jacob as a son and Jacob loved him as a father.