Kaliya Sahni
- Species: Naga
- Organizations: The Tribunal
- Titles: Ruler of the Nagas
- Status: Alive
- Gender: Female
- Eye Color: Dark brown
- Hair Color: White
- Significant Other: Raphael
- Family: Adhar, Nakul
- Job: Tribunal Executioner
- Main Series: Kaliya Sahni Series
- First Appearance: Bounty


Kaliya is a hot mess.

Fun Facts And Quotes


Her parents were killed when she was 12. This made her one of two rulers of the nagas. She has a male counterpart and they work as representatives to the Tribunal.
She ran away at 14.
She met Hisao and was trained as an assassin from 17 to her mid-thirties.
She joined the Tribunal as an Executioner after that.