Liza, daughter of Hasan
- Species: Werecat
- Organizations: Werecat Ruling Family
- Status: Deceased
- Gender: Female
- Significant Other: Davor
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Liza was one of Hasan and Subira's adopted human children. A soft hearted, beauty, she survived the Change and stayed both of those things as a werecat.
Then she stole Davor's heart. She had never seen him as a brother, and none of her family had any problem with this. It was true love and they had a strong mate bond that no one could question.
And it all went fine, until her soft heart led her to be less than cautious. A sneak attack by a nearby werewolf pack left her dead.
Her dead left the world shattered.
From her parents to her mate and all of her siblings, the cracks stretched across all of werecat society.

Fun Facts And Quotes


She's dead.