Jacob’s Nest


There’s no official name for this nest.
Outside of Portland, Maine, Jacob used his particular brand of compassion to reform vampires with control problems or maybe needed to get away from situations in their previous homes. With a heart of gold, Jacob didn’t just love the vampires that he worked with, he also loved his humans. With their support, he was able to create a nest that many looked at as one of the best pieces of the vampire world. Most of the humans on the staff had no idea what sort of impact they helped Jacob make, but that was for a good reason. He never wanted them to be exposed to the broader, and more deadly, world. He was mindful of the dangers, but he also made sure those dangers were never more than warnings. Accidents were very rare in the nest thanks to him and the protocols that he established.

Notable Members (Current and Prior): Jacob, Edwin, Claire, Lauren, Henry
Location: Portland, ME
Notable Employees (Current and Prior): Everly, Caitlyn
Species: Vampire
Other Members/Employees:

Head of Household – Caitlyn Abbot

IT Department – Kaleb, Kas, Shane, Travis

Human Staff – Dennis (Gardener), Scott (Footman)

Vampires – Aaron, Alfie, Amelia, Beldon, Cliff, Izzie, Oscar, Wilson


Jacob’s nest, no matter where he was established, was always a bastion to help vampires with their control issues. Founded in Italy during the third century, it was one of the earliest nests every founded with a proper Master of the Nest. He would relocate as necessary through the centuries, trying to stay in a place where new vampires were being created frequently. He landed into the United States when both Isaiah and Maria moved there. Since they were the rulers of the vampires, he knew he needed to be close by in case they needed him. He ended up a bit closer to Isaiah than he planned, but neither man had much problem with the closer proximity.