North American Werewolf Council


The strongest Alpha werewolves in North America, who come together to discuss issues such as their reveal to the humans of the world. Callahan isn’t an official member, but they do nothing without him.

Notable Members (Current and Prior): Heath, Callahan, Lewis, Wagner, Harrison
Acronym: NAWC
Species: Werewolf
Other Members/Employees:

Warren Manalo, Charles Merlino, Michael Merlino, Thierry Cadieux


Founded when Callahan and Corissa saw the growth of North America as a hub for werewolves, it joined into the council network they used to manage the world.
It quickly grew to be the strongest of the councils, especially since Callahan fell in love with the West Coast and settled down as the Alpha in Los Angeles. Europe fell behind as population boomed in North America for both humans and werewolves. The werewolf presence in the rest of the world wasn’t nearly as strong to compete. Only the Russia Pack had a chance, but was very insular and had no packs it wished to work with.