The Tribunal


The Tribunal is the largest primary government of the supernatural world. The Founding Species of the Tribunal are also the ones who have real seats on the Tribunal. Everyone else submits two rulers that work with the Tribunal as representatives. To hang with the Tribunal, you must also be a ruler of your species. The members of the Tribunal are and they will only deal with someone they perceive is their peer.
Founding Species:
Werecats, Werewolves, Vampires, Fae, Witches

Notable Members (Current and Prior): Hasan, Isaiah, Maria, Johann, Matilda, Alvina, Oisin, Brion, Isla, Callahan, Corissa
Notable Employees (Current and Prior): Kaliya, Cassius
Other Members/Employees:


Founded while brokering peace during a war between the werewolves and werecats, several supernatural species came together to set a system of Laws to stop it from happening again. This was done because the risk of humans discovering the supernaturals were real and not just mythology and folklore was too great.
The early years were rocky as each of the rulers tried to bring their own kind in and get other supernatural species to agree to join them. Only the founding members have voting seats on the Tribunal, but every species was able to choose two rules, a male and female, to act as a representative with the others. They brought in Laws for each species and Laws between them, governing how supernaturals could interact. In some cases, they created Laws as a deal to woo supernaturals to join them. One most famous case of this was promising protection for small, almost extinct supernatural species to help protect the nagas, who was declining in numbers too quickly.