Werecat Ruling Family


The Werecat Ruling Family is the frightening large family of Hasan, Subira, and their children.

Notable Members (Current and Prior): Hasan, Subira, Zuri, Jabari, Mischa, Hisao, Davor, Niko, Jacky
Species: Werecat
Other Members/Employees:


There was no founding of the ruling family. They rose to power through any means necessary. Dangerous Hasan, powerful Subira, and their terrifyingly loyal children.
It started with their biological twins, shortly after Hasan and Subira broke free of the circumstances of their original years as werecats.
Hasan loved being a father so much that when Subira said she would have no more children, he brokered a deal with her. They would adopt and like other werecats, treat whoever they Changed as their own, no differently than their biological children. She accepted. When he found an orphan and resonated with them, he took them in and raised them as his own. Subira loved every child Hasan brought home as her own.

Jabari learned to be like his father, taking after him in commanding presence and willingness to do what was necessary in battle, but he had honor as well.
Zuri learned to work people, realizing no one else in her family was very adept at it. Not yet, at least. Her father would become very good at it later in his years. Subira never really gave a shit about it. She preferred to be out of the spot light. Zuri, though, thrived in it.
Mischa was a force of will. Hasan found her fighting against people trying to take her somewhere, screaming at the tops of her lungs. Her parents had just sold her off at too young an age. Hasan didn’t tolerate it, taking her as his own. As the first adopted child, it took some time for her to truly feel like she was in the right family, but she eventually did. Loyal as she was reckless, if the family needed destruction, Mischa found a way to make it happen.

When things began to truly change for the family was the introduction of Hisao. Hasan wanted to love the boy, but he found the orphan over a body. Hisao had killed not just one but three adult human men to protect himself, showing surprising coolness about it at a very young age. Subira was the one who decided Hisao needed to be properly trained. Now a family of six, two parents and four children, they had their first real killer. Other werecats suddenly kept a wide berth from the family unless they were allies, knowing they didn’t have a chance against the family.

Davor was adopted when Hasan was caught in a trap by him. A boy living by himself because his human parents had died, he had to be smart if he wanted to eat every day. Hasan was unharmed, incredibly charmed by the amazing intelligence and ingenuity of the boy. Davor remembers Hasan laughing when he checked his traps and saw the man in it.
Niko was a special case, one Hasan was wary of. In the middle of the worst war against the werewolves yet, he came upon a town that was mostly a werewolf pack. The pack, however, was in the middle of a battle of it’s own. Hasan saved the only child he found, Nikolaus, human son of the werewolf Alpha that had led the village. He raised Niko during the war, Changed him, and the entire family had to adjust to something they had never dealt with before. Niko would go on to prove his loyalty in a heartbreaking way.

After Niko joined the family, the Tribunal was formed. There wasn’t a single werecat left in the world willing to go against Hasan as he put himself in power. His children, all over the world, already managed entire regions in their father’s name. Now, that became an official system of control as his children began to brutally uphold the law in his name.

Which leaves the youngest daughters, Hasan’s only children after the founding of the Tribunal.
Liza, the soft heart that soothed the souls of the battle-weary family. Beautiful and kind, she made everyone in the family smile. Her death was a tragedy and became a weak spot for the family, who had never had one before.
Hasan would then Change Jacky. Part grief, part pain, part reckless hope, and part fascination with her. Jacky was the first werecat Hasan ever Changed as an adult, someone who knew nothing, and without asking permission. He’s possessive and protective of her, partially to loss of mirror-opposite Liza just over a century before. She’s not active in the family duties at the beginning of her life, but once she’s in, she shakes up everything her family has ever done.