Cambions are a relatively new discovery in the supernatural world.
They are humans until something activates dormant genetics and reveals they have demonic heritage, making them cambions. They are a human/demon cross, born from natural reproduction between the two.

Notable Characters: Raphael, Sammy
Organizations: The Tribunal
Other Characters:


A hard caste system that they can’t break.
As far as anyone know, it goes like this and uses names that Mygi Pharmaceuticals gave them.

TOP: Warlord
BOTTOM: Civilian


Warlord/s control everyone.


Three Forms
Human: Smells and looks human. Most supernaturals can’t figure out they are anything but human. Werecats and werewolves say they smell terrible, though.
Cambion: Human-like. Their skin turns grey in most cases, with black veins, creating a marbling effect. They can grow taller, broader, and more muscled. They gain horns in a variety of shapes.
Demon: Fully demon, most cambions have no control over this form and need to be put down before they go on killing rampages. Powerful and nearly indestructible.

Warrior Form: Warrior-caste cambions have a unique form. Their skins becomes midnight black and they blend into the shadows.