Nagas are a snake-shifting supernatural and even their human form is somewhat snake like, with venom and fangs in that form as well. They hail from India and some of their people spread out over the world, becoming the source of legends in other cultures like the Lamia in Greece (They were just naga that moved).
Nearly extinct.

Notable Characters: Kaliya, Nakul, Adhar
Other Characters:


Ask Kaliya.


There’s 2 forms of leadership.

Current: Two rulers, a male and female, that represent the species with the Tribunal.

Historical: The Nagaraja (Naga King)


Snake Form: Each naga has a unique cobra-esque snake form. They all include similar things. Each has pits like a pit viper. Each has a hood and the ability to spit venom (though it’s not used very often).

Unique Human Forms: Nagas have snake fangs in their human form, venom sacks in their sinus cavities, and pits, allowing them to read thermal information of a room. The last is a new sense (seeing, hearing, etc)