Werewolves are one of the moon cursed supernatural species. They are “cousins” to the werecats, and the only two species that must Change (shapeshift) under the full moon.

Werewolves can be born naturally or Changed. Being Changed is much more common.
A human bitten by a werewolf in their wolf form will either die in excruciating pain or Change. A human is much more likely to die than they are to become a werewolf. A human with one or two werewolf parents has a higher chance of survival.
A werewolf born naturally must have one or both parents be werewolves as well. However, even with two werewolf parents, a child can be born human (however, this is the rarest possibility). No one has found an explanation for this.
Werewolf pregnancy is rare and unexplained, as female werewolves do not have any sort of reproductive cycle that anyone can monitor.

Other Characters:

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Kaliya Sahni series – Cromwell, Doreset, Henley, Korey, Martin, Stan, Tarak, Wesley

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Like all people, each werewolf is unique, but the curse that they’re under does change their personalities in noticeable ways. There are generalizations, but they are an undercurrent to every werewolf.
They are also an extreme version of wolves seen in the modern world. They are not a natural wolf, but a magically-created one and shouldn’t be approached as one.

Werewolves live in packs. This is both a personality trait, a need for community, and a cultural trait, werewolves are expected to be in a pack by others.
Packs are structured through dominance and strength. As a werewolf grows more dominant, which is a slippery thing to judge, they also grow more powerful. This allows them to challenge werewolves above them and climb in the ranks.

Alpha: Packs are led by an Alpha werewolf, and every Alpha is different. Some Alphas fall firmly into a fatherly role, caring for those they see as their own. Others become dictators. Many fall in the middle of those extremes. Alphas are different on a psychological level from other werewolves, altered by their position. There are many secrets about Alpha werewolves that the werewolves kill to keep hidden.
Every Alpha has an inner circle, which can be varying sizes depending on the Alpha and the size of the pack. These werewolves are the next most-dominant and strongest in the pack, backing their Alpha and offering their own knowledge and expertise to the pack. Alphas also use their inner circle to watch to see if any of their werewolves might become strong enough to challenge them.


Tribunal Species.
Two representatives, Alpha Callahan and Alpha Corissa.

Councils around the world directed by Callahan and Corissa.
The most powerful council is currently the North American Werewolf Council.
Each council is comprised of the most dominant Alphas in the region. These Alphas typically lead the largest packs.


Wolf Form: All werewolves are some sort of prehistoric canine.
They are excessively large, have immense physical strength, and are fast for their size. Considered to be physically one of the strongest supernaturals in the world, many don’t try to fight with a werewolf when they’re in their wolf form.

Change(moon cursed term for shapeshifting): Werewolves can Change relatively quickly from their human form to their wolf form and vice versa.
Werewolves can Change at almost any time they choose to as well, making them ferocious predators to anyone who decided to make one as an enemy. During a full moon, the werewolf must remain in wolf form from the beginning of the night to dawn. This is the only time they can’t control their Change.
Their ability to Change can speed up or slow down depending on circumstances. Injuries will often slow them, and being too injured can be detriment to their health if they try to Change.
Changing is very painful. Often described as feeling bones break, move, and reform in new locations underneath the skin.
Last Change: On rare occasions, a werewolf can lose control over themselves. This is more than just acting more wild than human. Their form twists and becomes a twisted merger of their two forms. This is permanent and any werecat that has gone into the Last Change must be put down. This is where “movie werewolves” come from.

Pack Magic:

Talents: Talents are unique occurrences of magical ability in both moon cursed species, believed to be caused by the unique interaction of the curse and the specific individual.
Not every werecat or werewolf will discover they have a Talent.
Talents can manifest in different ways, but there are trends.
Always there- The Talent manifested immediately open someone being Changed into a werecat or born as one.
Subconsciously Trained- The Talent slowly manifests and grows more effective over time, like a muscle that needs to be strengthened through exercise. Many moon cursed don’t realize they have a Talent until it’s fairly developed when it manifests this way.
There are also different levels of control. Some Talents can be turned on and off like a switch. Some are permanently on. Some flicker in and out, completely out of the control of the moon cursed that has said Talent.