The Tribunal Archives

The Tribunal Archives is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance world that I’m writing as K.N. Banet.
There is no recommended reading order between different series and using the timeline is not required. 
Every series stands alone as it’s own story and written to make sense for readers who are just entering the Tribunal Archives and it is their first series.
There is no “world plot” that all of these series are specifically building to that needs to be followed. They are not that interconnected.

Reading multiple series might teach you more about the world as a whole. You will find some plot lines might be secretly hidden (or not so hidden) among the side characters, for you to continue finding them if you read more of the world. Some main characters show as side characters in other fun places and some side characters may become main characters. This is just a world that so happens to have so many interesting faces, so many interesting personal stories, and I don’t want to leave it.
If you happen to read about anything later in the timeline, feel free to go back and discover the journey you missed! It might give you clues, interesting insight, or just may be a good read.

Every series will be urban fantasy (or supernatural thriller) and feature a female single lead, a love interest, and supporting cast.
Standalone stories will be more paranormal romance.

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My recommendation: I don't have one! I'm serious. Start on whatever series or standalone you want! I write every series for someone who only reads that series, so you can jump in anywhere. Each story will take you a certain direction into the Tribunal Archives world, and the overlap of information is there but not that deep. None of the main plots intersect in a manner that forces you to read different series. Read your first series, then pick a second... and a third... and a fourth... then the standalones... You'll eventually know everything. Or read them all at once. The choice is yours.
What I don't recommend: Trying to read in chronological order. It's not written to be read like that. More on why in the Timeline question.
Jacky Leon: 15
Kaliya Sahni: 6
Everly Abbott: 9... 12?
I answered this in a blog! Here's the short answer:
I have nooooooooo idea.

Here's the long answer:
I plan a lot, but there's so much I can't plan YET (like exactly how many books might be in a specific series or several)
I can tell you these are series I either WILL do or WANT to do. Fae has no name and no books, but will absolutely happen. Immortal or werewolf might not if something happens (like I get writer's block).
Not in chronological or release order. Just a list.
Naga (Kaliya, 6 books)
Werecat (Jacky, 15 books)
Vampire (Everly, 9 books)
Witch (Cassandra, potentially 9 books)
Nephilim (Gabi, 3 books)
Kitsune (Narumi, ?? books)
Cambion (Sammy, ?? books)
Werewolf (Maybe, can only be after Jacky Leon, ?? books)
Immortal (?? books)
Fae (?? books)
Current standalones planned: 5, with more to be added. (Zuri, Jabari, Niko, Mischa, Mateo)
This might not be all the series (I can only think about so much at a time) and there's an unknown amount of (normally PNR) standalone novels and novellas to be discovered and added.
The world will continue until I am exhausted with it because there's no "world ending" planned. Just each character finding the place where they stop and say "yeah... that's enough."

Actual numbers:
Just based on my current plans(can be changed), I have 46 potential books, with some series not planned to exacting degree because they are so far in the future. 46 and I'm not even done planning everything because the future is a LONG way off.
YIKES. I have a long way to go... And with only 6 (guaranteed) releases a year, what I have planned and numbers up there is still 5 years of content, at least, because of release schedules, 2 books per series every year. Everly's series will take 4 1/2 years to finish by herself with that.

We're gonna be here for a while...
The timeline is purely informative. It's so you can put together references between the series, but not a good way to read the books. Don't try to read the world in chronological order for the first time. Each series is individually in the correct order, but the world is not released that way. As close as I can make it, but not exact.
Reader Timeline Related Questions:
Someone asked me once about the time span between books in different series. At the time, Kaliya Sahni Book 4 had just come out and then Jacky Leon Book 6. Those two books are nearly two years apart, which can be seen on both books' Chapter 1, which has the official start date of the book. In fact, the Kaliya Sahni series ends before Jacky Leon Book 4.
This will continue to happen, to varying degrees.
Jacky and Kaliya actually started very close together and the nature of the two characters led to the large discrepancy. Kaliya's series happens in less than 2 years over 6 books while Jacky's series is 7-8 years over 15 books. Each character moves at their own pace. Kaliya is obsessive. She won't stop when she had a mystery to solve. Jacky is much slower, even though it seems like she gets in a lot of trouble all the time. Everly won't be moving at a pace she picks, but really the people around her. I will track series so I know what's happening in the world at that time, so references are appropriate, even if the other series isn't actually there. So there can always be a gap. Or there can be an overlap that hasn't paid off yet.
To not have this happen, I would have to start every series as it comes up on the timeline and publish them in chronological order. I would end up having multiple series(potentially 4 or more) going at once with no consistent release schedule. It's not possible.
I will never write two books that crossover and happen at the same time like two different perspectives of the same situation.
There will be no alternative timelines of any sort. If the book is in the Tribunal Archives, it's all part of the exact same timeline.
I just fell in love with the idea of putting everything in the same world. I don't have a "world ending plot" between all of them. They just are, and every character has their own struggles and journeys to take. This is just the world they live in. I find that so exciting and amazing. (Plus, I don't have to build an entirely new world every single time I want to write something new. That's nice)


You know those really big romance worlds? Every book is a couple, but they all standalone most of the time, and you can almost start anywhere? There's hints between books and all that?
I'm doing the same thing, but with long urban fantasy series and the occasional romance standalone.

Ancient and Immortal is currently only available in the CALL OF MAGIC anthology.

Full Moon Magic is currently only available in the RITUALS AND RUINS anthology, releasing late 2022.