The Tribunal Archives: Beginner's Guide

The Tribunal Archives is a loosely connected world of urban fantasy and paranormal romance stories.
Every series and standalone novel can be read alone as an individual story with no requirement to read other works.
Each will introduce you to a new main character, introduce you to the world from that character’s unique perspective, and a story that will be contained to it.
If you only read the Kaliya Sahni series, you will get the entire story of Kaliya Sahni, no extra reading required.
The same for Jacky Leon, Everly Abbott, and the standalone novels.

But then what does loosely connected mean?
Characters can appear between series. Side characters can become main characters in their own story. Main characters can play the role of side character in another.
-Important events are cross referenced, much like we can read news from around the world today.
These references often have very little to do with the plot, much like we might not be impacted by news we read everyday.
-Everything happens on the same timeline. Chapter 1 of every book has a starting date.
I don’t publish the entire world in chronological order. Every character has their own pace, but my release schedule is steady and consistent.
Because the plots don’t rely on each other, this means two books released near each other might be 2 years apart on the timeline.
-However, none of the major plots intersect or rely on other series. There are no major plots that will require reading other series at all.

How important or unimportant these connections are is completely dependent on your interest in the world.
This page is for those who want to see just how potentially interconnect this world can be, and give a starting place to those just beginning on their journey into the Tribunal Archives.

Now, let’s get you using this website like a pro.


The Tribunal Archives is named after the most powerful ruling government: The Tribunal.
These are the “Archives.”


start with one of the series?

(Listed in Alphabetical Order. Click the big bar to go to the series page)
Everly Abbott has worked for vampires her entire life. Survival is going to force her to work against them.
The Everly Abbott series will be roughly 12 books long
release months: March and September


Werecat Jacky Leon must decide between what is right and what is just when werewolves come knocking.
The jacky leon series will be 15 books long.
release months: january and july


with secrets and conspiracies in every shadow, Kaliya will do anything to find the truth.
the kaliya sahni series will be 6 books long
the final book releases in may 2022


Standalone paranormal romances from the Tribunal Archives.
Ancient and Immortal: zuri and kushim
Hearts at war: Jabari and Aisha
full moon magic: teagan and olivia